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black-hat seo software, black-hat seoPro Blackhat Suite is a professional bundle of three of the most-popular black-hat SEO software offered by Syndk8 — Autopligg, SEOLinkPro, and Serpscraper — at a vastly-discounted price based on the volume discount. These SEO-software tools are controversial, so be sure to get more information about them before buying them for your business or personal website.


You can supposedly use Autopligg in a very white-hat way and setup profiles on theme with your site so you just do a blog post and publish it to thousands of sites that are powered by Pligg. If you are a link-building expert, you will understand the value of Autopligg in your link-building strategies, and this is perfect when you are link-building for SEO campaigns. Link-building has always been a problem, and the company has done its best to make it as easy as possible for professional link-building and new starters to inbound-link building.


SEOLinkPro reports how many links your sites acquire, so you don’t even need to open your browser and type anything.  Just click a few big buttons, and your reports are right there on your desktop for analysis. A built-in automated crawler finds on-topic link targets, which reduces complaints to a minimum. SEOLinkPro acquires backlinks from a multitude of new and undiscovered targets to almost eliminate the trackable footprints.


Serpscraper comes with 10 default search engines, but we are currently rewriting the entire code base and adding dozens of places.”

SEO Link Robot

SEO Link Robot bills itself as an easy, automated way to attract a tremendous amount of traffic from sources including search engines, article marketing, and social media — both direct traffic and through a creation of quality, authoritative backlinks from the locations as well. In sum, the company claims that its software will automate roughly 95 percent of an online marketer’s SEO work.

More information on the individual tools: Autopligg | SEOLinkPro | Serpscraper | Social Acid | SEO Link Robot

A Word of Caution on Black-Hat SEO Software

I neither endorse nor condemn these products — this page is only to provide information and resources on them. Research and evaluate them on your own. I have not reviewed them because I use only white-hat SEO methods in my SEO-consultant services. Black-hat SEO methods are normally used by people — spammers or otherwise — who want to maximize their exposure in a short amount of time since Google eventually penalizes all sites that use black-hat SEO software.

As someone who was formerly a journalist before becoming an online marketer, I believe in providing as much information on “all sides of the story.” Still, I include only white-hat platforms in my SEO-software reviews. See there for a lot of information on those resources. If you use black-hat SEO software and your site is penalized or otherwise adversely affected as a result, I am not responsible. This site is merely to provide information.

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