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seolinkproPeople build and sell autoblogging software and all different kinds of creations to put content and websites up in volume, but how do you get it ranking once its built? Nobody really seems to create real software to get links other than a few forum posting or blogging tools.

People have been conditioned to look at their competitors and copy what they are doing to be successful, but this has created a lot of people who don’t innovate. Duplication is fine to some extent, and copying your competitors’ backlinks will work — but that’s not where it ends.

While we were building this tool, we did a little “out of the box thinking”  and found many places that had potential to be a source of backlinks but were pretty much untouched.

So, we did the work for you and then got a user-interface designer to make even the simple tasks more, uh, simpler. You don’t need to go out and find new sources of links all the time because we do it for you and package it in a little box that sits on your desktop.

SEOLinkPro reports how many links your sites acquire, so you don’t even need to open your browser and type anything. (It is also one of the three tools in the company’s Pro Blackhat Suite.) Just click a few big buttons, and your reports are right there on your desktop for analysis.

SEOLinkPro framework is expandable and will grow with the Internet to accommodate almost any target which solicits submissions from users. You can find out more about this in the free and private dedicated support forum.

Unlike other tools that run at 100% CPU, the company has managed to create an efficient tool that will run at as low as 2%, so you can leave it running 24/7 with no hassle. A built-in automated crawler finds on-topic link targets, which reduces complaints to a minimum. SEOLinkPro acquires backlinks from a multitude of new and undiscovered targets to almost eliminate the trackable footprints.

An example of a campaign:

Step 1. Let it automatically crawl the site you wish to promote
Step 2. Find on themed targets
Step 3. Set the desired number of links to acquire per day
Step 4. Press “Play” and forget about it.

Q. Will SEOLinkPro work on Wine/Linux/Ubuntu/Mint/Mac/Server Based?

A. This is Windows software and will work on any computer, but you need to install a VM (virtual windows machine) first.

Q. Will the links it finds and posts have no-follow tags?

A. Most of the links are real links that the search engines count.

Q. Aren’t the targets heavily spammed already?

A. Nope. Everyday, new ones come online so we can stay ahead of the game.

Q. Is this an xrumer killer?

A. It’s not meant to be an xrumer killer because it’s not built to spam forums.

Q. Will I automatically get access to the private forums?

A. You need to register at the URL you get in your welcome e-mail.

Q. I read a post by a 14-year-old kid on blackhatworld that this software needs you to pay for plugins. Is the true?

A. The plugins are free and will always be free. There is some confusion because if the company releases another tool, it will be in this framework.

SEOLinkPro by Syndk8 is also one of the three tools in the company’s Pro Blackhat Suite.

A Word of Caution on SEOLinkPro

I neither endorse nor condemn these products — this page is only to provide information and resources on them. Research and evaluate them on your own. I have not reviewed them because I use only white-hat SEO methods in my SEO-consultant services. Black-hat SEO methods are normally used by people — spammers or otherwise — who want to maximize their exposure in a short amount of time since Google eventually penalizes all sites that use black-hat SEO software.

As someone who was formerly a journalist before becoming an online marketer, I believe in providing as much information on “all sides of the story.” Still, I include only white-hat platforms in my SEO-software reviews. See there for a lot of information on those resources. If you use black-hat SEO software and your site is penalized or otherwise adversely affected as a result, I am not responsible. This site is merely to provide information.

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