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Social Acid

social acidSocial Acid is a push-button link-building tool that saves you many hours by submitting your URLs to lots of social-networking sites, thus bringing backlinks and search-engine rankings, which yield more visitors and money.

Social traffic is all the rage at the moment, and the search engines are starting to pay attention to the traffic and links from social-networking sites. The main problem is that posting to all the different social-networking platforms will suck up all your time or money because you will need to outsource it like lots of people are already doing.

But not anymore.

The company thought it was time that they released another tool to shake things up a bit, and they found a couple of places that nobody had currently built a tool for.

There are so many different black-hat SEO tools out there hitting the same places and getting the same results that they decided to spend hundreds of hours of development time on getting links from places that are hard to do automatically.

Three months later and about $300,000 worth of development time, they have managed to finally get posts on some of the harder places like Phpfox — and the awesome news is that these links stick.


A Word of Caution on Social Acid

I neither endorse nor condemn these products — this page is only to provide information and resources on them. Research and evaluate them on your own. I have not reviewed them because I use only white-hat SEO methods in my SEO-consultant services. Black-hat SEO methods are normally used by people — spammers or otherwise — who want to maximize their exposure in a short amount of time since Google eventually penalizes all sites that use black-hat SEO software.

As someone who was formerly a journalist before becoming an online marketer, I believe in providing as much information on “all sides of the story.” Still, I include only white-hat platforms in my SEO-software reviews. See there for a lot of information on those resources. If you use black-hat SEO software and your site is penalized or otherwise adversely affected as a result, I am not responsible. This site is merely to provide information.

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