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free seo softwareThis page of My SEO Software contains links below to information on free SEO software that is essentially shareware or products that offer terms like trial periods, limited usability before payment, or money-back guarantees. We recommend that you peruse our SEO-software reviews before deciding which one(s) to try.

The before-payment limits typically include:

  • The ability to use the software only one one or a few number of computers. If your company has an extensive online-marketing staff, this could become a problem. However, the trial periods or similar measure provide opportunities to test the SEO software first.
  • Limited keyword research. If you have dozens or more pages on your website or blog and want each individual one to target a different keyword in single set of keywords, this may impede your efforts as well. This limit, however, would not affect a simple corporate site that wants to rank highly for only a few organic keywords to examine a small number of PPC opportunities.
  • Fewer user-accounts. If you have an Internet-marketing department comprised of different people managing items like keyword research, PPC accounts, on-page optimization, SEM linkbuilding, and social media,  then you will surely want each employee or consultant to have an individual account for organizational purposes. However, the creation of such an interface is usually limited to paid SEO software. But an individual website owner should not have a problem.

In business as well as in life, one typically gets what he pays for. Depending on your needs, free SEO software might be sufficient — or you may need to increase your marketing costs slightly to take full advantage of the opportunity. As you likely already know, the benefits of online marketing — at least when it is done well — far outweigh the costs. And streamlining your SEO and SEM processes through software is generally easier than doing it all by hand with a free SEO-software tool rather than professional platforms gained from a SEO-software download.

In addition, the nature of software programs allow companies to let users try out their products before deciding to buy. (Most of the time, the platforms either lock after a set time or disable certain functions until a paid account is created.) Still, the companies have installed enough usability in a free interface so that potential customers can determine whether their SEO software is the best for their specific business and website. (Just be sure to read the Terms of Service and any related conditions through the links below.)

A List of Free SEO Software

In addition, our Best SEO Software poll and general articles on online marketing may provide further guidance.


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