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December 20th, 2010

Gmail now allows users to access, read, and send e-mail on behalf of primary users (with their permission, of course). The innovation can let employees, managers, and assistants use a single company or executive’s e-mail account. In an era of cloud computing, many Internet marketers use an outsourcer, SEO consultant, or virtual team for their websites. Now, it will be even easier for people to collaborate. I would recommend that executives designate a person to review all incoming mail and use Gmail’s labels and icons to mark each message as meant for sales, marketing, and so… Continue reading

SEM Wikipedia: Introduction to SEO Techniques

December 16th, 2010

sem wikipediaI don’t like “off-page SEO” techniques. No, wait — I mean the term, not the practice. Let me explain.

The terms SEO, SEM, and SMM are brandied about so often (by both seasoned professionals and those learning the trade) that it is easy to become confused and use “SEO” to refer to anything and everything involved in online marketing. After all, everyone loves jargon and quick, easy abbreviations. But as a former journalist, I know that it is always important to be accurate — otherwise, things will… Continue reading

Groupon Software: Why Google Wanted It

December 15th, 2010

groupon softwareWhy did Google think Goupon was worth $6 billion? That was a question a friend of mine — a Boston University and Harvard graduate in business — posed on his Facebook page once the news of the offer broke.

Here’s the value: The data.

As Search Engine Journal notes (in perhaps-frightening detail), Google’s main purpose is to collect your consumer data. Every thing that you do on any Google platform — Gmail for personal e-mail, Google Documents for work, the Android… Continue reading

5 Tips to Get Found in Google-News Search

December 6th, 2010

google news searchWhether you are a personal blogger, a company wanting to increase online sales, or (God forbid!) a spammer, the goal of Internet marketing is always the same: to increase and maximize relevant traffic to a website.

There are many ways to accomplish this, and an entire industry — in which I work, not that I am biased — has been founded on helping people and firms to achieve this goal. There is search-engine optimization (SEO), which ensures that Google classifies and ranks a website as accurately… Continue reading