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SEM Model: How to Get Management Buy-In

November 27th, 2010

sem modelIf you are reading this blog, then you likely already know the benefits that SEO marketing-software will bring to your business or organization. But that does not mean that the higher-ups believe in the benefits — or are even aware of search-engine marketing at all.

As Duane Forrester notes:
I recently sat in a meeting attended by folks from many levels – managers on through a couple of VPs. When I wrapped up a sidebar conversation with an SEO Manager about 301 redirects… Continue reading

Social-Media Club: How Not to Get Left Out

November 24th, 2010

social media clubHubSpot offers an interesting take on how to use social-media, and the information can also be used in conjunction with SEO marketing-software:
One can demonstrate antisocial behavior on social media in the very same way one can be antisocial on a crowded bus. This behavior would include talking about yourself or being negative in your posts and updates. It could also mean dismissing established social media etiquette or inability to maintain long-term relationships. On the bright side, we believe… Continue reading

Google Watch: Is the Search Engine a Monopoly?

November 21st, 2010

google watchTEL AVIV — After I was laid-off from my job as a newspaper editor in Boston and then moved to Israel, I found myself in the online-marketing industry here in the Silicon Valley of the Middle East.

While learning about search-engine optimization (SEO) — in various capacities, companies, and contexts and before starting to work as an online-marketing consultant myself — I realized one thing: The primary question in the industry is, “What will Google like?” Everything — short of a… Continue reading

Keyword Price vs. Value: How to Use SEM Data

November 19th, 2010

keyword priceIn a prior post, I calculated the best meta-keywords for blogs in SEO software, e-mail marketing software, and site-SEO practices based on the average price of the top ten keywords in various subject categories that are covered by Considerations (my other blog). Here were the results of my Internet SEO research:

  • Finance — $34.53
  • Business — $32.65
  • Marketing — $28.67
  • Christian — $20.84
  • Dating — $16.43
  • SEO — $16.12
  • TV — $14.50
  • India-Rupee —