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Social-Media People: Top 5 Signs to Run from a Client

November 18th, 2010

social media peopleJERUSALEM — I founded a start-up SEO-consultant services company, SJS Consulting Worldwide, that matches Internet SEO consultants with clients throughout the world who are looking for expertise in various fields, and as a result, I regularly talk with prospective clients whom I know only through the Internet. (I also work personally with clients on areas including SEO, SMM, and online marketing.)

Since I started the business in January 2010, I’ve already had my fair share of situations… Continue reading

Using Google External Keyword-Tools for SEM

November 17th, 2010

google external keywordSo I was doing some research into the SEO-software keyword values for the topics and categories that are routinely covered by my other blog, Considerations. The results were quite interesting.

For example, take the subjects that are frequently discussed by the writers there at Considerations. I did a Google Adwords search for the top ten most-expensive keywords associated with a topic category. Then, I calculated the average for the top ten. Here are the results:

Finance — $34.53

Business — $32.65

Marketing… Continue reading

Become a SEO Blogger Over the Social-Media Week

November 16th, 2010

seo bloggerThe online-based freelancing website Elance has a blog article on managing time when working as a freelancer using SEO software or search-engine software. Here is the first tip:
1. Weak or Absent Goal Setting: Are your goals well thought out and clearly defined? If not, your productivity will take a hit. Specific projects, job-hunting strategies, bidding practices, and your long-term career plans all need clearly defined goals and milestones to maximize output. Otherwise, you’re spending valuable energy constantly re-evaluating where you stand, how far you’ve… Continue reading

How Social-Media Icons Changed Headlines

November 16th, 2010

social media iconsDavid Carr writes an insightful piece on how keyword-heavy headlines have destroyed the noble — or at least comedic — art of newspaper headline-writing:
Headlines in newspapers and magazines were once written with readers in mind, to be clever or catchy or evocative. Now headlines are just there to get the search engines to notice. In that context, “Jon Stewart Slams Glenn Beck” is the beau ideal of great headline writing. And both Twitter and Facebook have become republishers, with readers on the… Continue reading