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New Website My SEO Software Launched for SEM News, SEO Software Information

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — November 19, 2010

New Website My SEO Software Launched for SEM News, SEO Software Information

JERUSALEM — Former Boston journalist and Israeli high-tech veteran Samuel J. Scott has launched My SEO Software to cover online-marketing news and provide information and SEO marketing-software reviews.

Unlike other SEO sites that address only the latest SEO news and tactics, My SEO Software will also discuss the differences and similarities between traditional and online marketing, provide tips for people on starting their own successful websites while maintaining a work-life balance, and present information and SEO marketing-software reviews on products available for webmasters.

My SEO Software aims to become a one-stop resource for anyone — new amateurs or seasoned professionals — who want to learn about SEO and find a good SEO-management system to become successful in the online world through tactics including keyword research, search-engine optimization, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, social-media marketing (SMM), and link-building.

Scott, 30, is a former Boston newspaper editor who moved to Israel in January 2008 to work in Tel Aviv’s high-tech marketing sector. He has a B.S. in journalism from Boston University and is completing his International M.B.A. at Bar-Ilan University in Israel after pursuing prior studies in the Executive M.B.A. program at Suffolk University in Boston. He now works as a private online-marketing consultant while publishing several blogs and websites.

Visit My SEO Software for more details. The website’s Twitter account is @myseosoftware.

Scott is also the founder and publisher of the Considerations blog, a group website commenting on issues including politics, economics, business, and culture from across the political spectrum and throughout the world. The blog’s Twitter account is @samueljscott.

Samuel J. Scott is a former Boston journalist and Israeli high-tech veteran who works as an online-marketing consultant and publishes My SEO Software and Considerations. He can be contacted at sjscworldwide (at) gmail.com.

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