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Raven Adds Google AdWords Insights and Basecamp Tracking

Raven Internet Marketing Tools has added Google AdWords Insights and Basecamp time-tracking to the suite of services in its SEO software.

Instead of having to research quality scores for hundreds or thousands of PPC keywords and landing pages within the Adwords website itself, people can use the new tool to determine any problems with keywords and landing pages en masse. Keyword quality affects the costs and performances of PPC campaigns.

Raven’s software now finds any keyword with a quality score of seven or less and then determines and communicates the reasons why their scores are lower than optimal. The addition researches keywords’ relevance, page quality and page latency and then tells how they can be improved:

raven tools google adwords, raven tools basecamp

Low-performing or poor keywords can be paused or deleted, whether individually or through many at a time.

In addition, Raven’s new Flagged Pages tool looks into any quality issues with the page to where PPC traffic will go (normally some type of a landing page) by focusing on page quality and page latency:

raven tools google adwords, raven tools basecamp

It is important to know that the AdWords tool only evaluates active keywords in a campaign, that it runs automatically every twenty-four hours, and that PDF reports can be generated from within the platform.

Raven’s Basecamp update now support time-tracking as well for employees’ or your own personal to-do list:

raven tools google adwords, raven tools basecamp

More information on Raven Tools is in our SEO-software reviews. Raven’s website is hereWritten by Samuel Scott, the publisher of .