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Raven Internet-Marketing Tools Partners with Textbroker

Nashville, TN — Raven Internet Marketing Tools and Textbroker courted for two years. Now, they’re married: Raven customers can order Textbroker content directly from Raven.

With the new Textbroker tool, Raven users can submit an order for custom, unique content to thousands of authors at once. Name a topic, keywords, word count, and deadline to receive a quality article written by U.S.-based authors. For even more targeted content, users can include SEO keywords in the order description.

“Strong content is critical for good SEO, but it’s not easy to create,” said Jon Henshaw, co-founder and product manager of Raven Internet Marketing Tools. “Like all of Raven’s tools, the new Textbroker integration makes Internet marketing a faster, easier process.”

Content orders range from press releases to eCommerce descriptions to buyer’s guides to SEO web copy to blog posts. Quality is assured.

“Textbroker not only requires an initial writing sample to make sure an author meets our standards, but our editors also review every article written to make sure the writer is maintaining that quality level,” said Phillip Thune, CEO-Americas of Textbroker.

Textbroker’s custom content is inexpensive: a 300- to 500-word article may cost between $15 and $25. Prices are based on the maximum number of words requested, and costs for delivered content are added automatically to the monthly Raven overages invoice.

“We take the hassle out of sourcing content. Clients get exactly what they want, at very low cost, without negotiating with a series of writers,” Thune said.

The Raven user owns the copyright to every article. Textbroker features strong anti-plagiarism processes.

The new Raven Internet Marketing Tools Textbroker feature is available to customers at all pricing and plan levels (Solo, Pro, Agency and Enterprise).

For more information about ordering custom content with Textbroker, see the Raven Internet Marketing Tools website.

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