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Raven Tools Updates Link-Manager Software

Raven Tools has updated its SEO-software platform to provide improved options regarding user-customization along with the management of reporting of paid links ranging from event sponsorship to text advertisements to paid-link campaigns.

In the past, the SEM software’s Link Manager offered only a few options for filtering. Now, however, it reportedly allows users to filter information by status, link, website, boolean search, and link builders:

raven tools link-manager software

People can also access an improved user interface to manage status, link and website types. The interface combines default and custom types in a single list that can be order through the so-called “drag and drop” method:

raven tools link-manager software

In addition, the records of paid links specifically can be sorted by single time, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually as well as by estimated cost, actual cost, and client cost in a monthly budget that delivers alerts when a preset threshold is being approached. A Paid Summary report can filter by domain, user, and whether it is permanent or recurring:

raven tools link-manager software

The CSV-exported report has been updated to reflect these changes and reported improvements.

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