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Raven Tools Adds Privacy and Preferences Features

Raven SEO Software has announced that people using the software can now use new privacy settings to hide their usage limits for items including ranking results, social monitoring, and research studies from sub-users to help with white-labeling their work for clients.

The changes also allow SEM marketers and marketing companies to hide certain queries in the SEO tool from the sub-users. For example, an SEO firm that is working for “Widgets, Inc.” can hide their website and social-networking searches for terms like “I hate Widgets!” from their clients. While it is important to monitor how a company or client’s brand is referenced online, SEO marketers may not want their clients or partners to know specifically that they are monitoring those issues:

raven tools privacy preferences features

Each search can be associated with a term of one’s choosing as well as with a term-specific privacy setting.

Raven Tools has announced several other updates as well.

The Research Assistant utility now provides data from SEOmoz’s Open Site Explorer for a given URL both with and without the “www” prefix (since search engines consider both types of domains to be two completely different websites, and many companies do not redirect one to the other to eliminate this harmful repetition) as well.

The company’s time-zone setting had formerly only been associated with social-networking websites. Now, the specific setting is applicable for the targeted and research website as a whole for items including the Link Manager, e-mail campaigns, and schedule reports:

raven tools privacy preferences features

Raven also said the firm encourages current and prospective users of its SEO software to contact them with requests for changes as well as any bugs that are found.

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