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Raven Tools Selected by TopHatRank for SEO Reporting

TopHatRank, a leading provider of search-engine optimization (SEO) and other Internet-marketing services, has integrated Raven Tools’ industry-leading suite of research, monitoring, reporting and management solutions into its client offering.

This integration enables TopHatRank clients to monitor all SEO work being done on their behalf and analytics comparing its success to competitors all in one place.

“Many of our clients wanted the ability to track the progress of their SEO Campaign without having to contact us or wait for a monthly report, so we examined a number of tools on the market,” commented TopHatRank founder and president Arsen Rabinovich. “Raven Tools’ offering surpassed all the others we considered, and is already providing benefits and additional functionality for our clients.”

TopHatRank clients can now track keyword performance across Google, Yahoo and Bing, as well as backlinks and other SEO components 24/7 through the Raven Tools solution. The system also fully integrates Google Analytics providing users with all information about their website traffic in one place.

“We’re excited that TopHatRank has been able to integrate Raven to its service,” said Taylor Pratt, product marketing manager at Raven Tools. “TopHatRank’s client base can now more easily see how effective its efforts really are.”

About Raven Internet Marketing Tools:

Raven Internet Marketing Tools online software helps customers quickly research, manage, monitor and report on SEO, email, social media and other internet marketing campaigns. Its multi-user features and professional reports make it the software choice of thousands of online marketers worldwide. Raven Internet Marketing Tools, a privately-held Nashville-based company, was founded in 2007.

More information is available at Raven and on our SEO-software reviews page.

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