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Raven Tools Unveils New “Unity” SEO Interface

raven unity seo software interfaceRaven Tools has released “Unity,” a new interface that reportedly offers a cleaner, quicker user-experience for those who subscribe to the SEO-software platform by gathering all tools and settings inside an easy-to-use interface. Unity purportedly took several months to create and then implement into Raven’s software.

A user’s list of websites and profiles are now located inside drop-down menus in the upper-right part of the window. New websites that a person wants to market and new profiles to distinguish separate users are inside links in the drop-downs. Raven SEO Software’s tools are also collected together into common-sense sections for streamlined usability. The features of each tool have been moved to a new location at the right-hand section of each one’s window. Each feature also comes with an icon — presumably for those users whose English might be limited.

The section formerly called Admin has changed to become Main User-Settings and System Settings, which are both under the gear icon at the top-right corner as well. A click on that item brings a drop-down menu.

Assistance with any particular tool can now be gained through a click on a question-mark icon. A click on a quote-bubble icon will send a note to Raven’s customer-service team.

Raven also plans to implement a new feature entitled Predictive Navigation, which will purportedly increase the efficiency of the platform even more. (The company stated that the system was not ready at the time of the release of Unity.)

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