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Raven Tools: Users Can White-Label Their Own Brands

Raven SEO Tools has reaffirmed that users of the platform can white-label reports with their own branding through the Report Wizard functionality within the software. To use this function, the company has stated several steps:

  • Set up a brand template at the Reports > Brand Templates menu by choosing the “create a new template” button and then specify the design of the items including the header, colors, and footers.
  • Choose if the template is for the single, selected website, all of the websites on the given client profile, or for all websites and clients within the account in general:

raven white label, raven branding

  • At the template section, select the given template for so-called “one-off” reports and choose the “make default.”

raven white label, raven branding

Then, whenever you want to produce build a given report , it will be branded in the context of that template. However, it is important to note: If you add a client website and do not select a template, the software will choose the profile default and brand template.

More information on Raven Tools is in our SEO-software reviews. Raven’s website is hereWritten by Samuel Scott, the publisher of My SEO Software.