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SEM Rush Releases Database for Australia

SEM Rush has updated its databases for the United States, Germany, France, Russia, Italy, and the United Kingdom along with adding a new one for Australia. The U.S. database now consists of 40 million keywords and 14.2 million domains.

For the other countries:

U.K. – 6 million keywords and 3.9  million domains
France – 6 million keywords and  2.5 million domains
Germany – 6 million keywords and 3.7 million domains
Russia – 6 million keywords and  2 million domains
Italy – 6 million keywords and  4.5 million domains
Brazil – 6 million keywords and  4 million domains

The new Australian database contains 6 million keywords and 3.8 million domains. The version is now in beta testing.

SEM Rush is currently being used by 146,000 online-marketing professionals.

Written by Samuel Scott, the publisher of .