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SEOmoz Software Adds Subdomains, Subfolders, Root Domains

SEOmoz PRO has introduced one its allegedly most-requested features: the option to track items including the rankings of targeted keywords and search-engine crawl information for subdomains, a whole root domain, or a subfolder of a domain.

In the past, marketers were limited to being unable to do the following:

  • Track information for a given subdomain like “marketing.widgets.com”
  • Get data for any page on an entire domain like “*.widgets.com”
  • Receive analytics for a certain subfolder like “widgets.com/pages/”

Different subfolders can be tracked as individual campaigns. Basic-account users can now measure five subfolders on a given website, meaning your crawl, keywords tracked, etc. can scale up much better. However, SEOmoz still cannot automatically segment information from Google Analytics by itself. Users still must create a separate campaigns there and associate each one with the SEOmoz platform.

In related news, Linkscape has also been recently updated:

  • 40.3 billion URLs
  • 396 million subdomains
  • 115 million root domains
  • 410 billion links
  • Followed and no-followed compared
    • 2.2% were no-followed
    • 57.3% were no-followed (42.8% of which were external)
  • 7.5% of all pages are using “rel=canonical” tags
  • The average page on a website has 61 links
    • 51.6 were internal
    • 9.36 were external

SEOmoz has also been tracking Linkscape correlations with rankings. Here are the latest correlations:

seomoz software subdomains, subfolders, root domains

To SEOmoz, so-called “Page Authority” remains the company’s best-correlated metric. “Domain Authority” is also very important.

There have been additional improvements as well:

  • New guides for users needing assistance
  • Google Analytics information loads more quickly
  • Exports of .csv files of ranking summaries now have ranking-URL information.

The SERP-analysis tool is available at SEOmoz Pro. More information on SEOmoz is available at our SEO-software reviews page and at the company’s site.

Written by Samuel Scott, the publisher of .