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New SEOmoz Search-Ranking Factors Report Released

seomoz search ranking factorsSEOmoz has released its new, biannual “2011 Search Ranking Factors” report in which the company combined the opinions of more than 130 SEO professionals with data based on 10,000 various Google searches.

The list includes the well-known factors divided into parts including keywords, link data, social-media influences, and other items on a domain level and page level. The report uses a new format that ranks all of the metrics based on the decisions by the report’s “expert voters.” Items with a high level of “influence value” tend to be rated as more significant than those lower in the rankings, and any level of difference between those is presented in a scale that shows the range of opinions.

SEOmoz’s study also addresses the issue of “correlation and causation.” Many factors, for example, that correlate with positive search-engine rankings are likely not part of any algorithm. In addition, the report contains opinions, thoughts, and predictions on the future of search marketing. For example, the voters discussed which parts of Google’s algorithm affect search results most often, and one positive response was that many search terms deliver results based on their “freshness.”

In general, this report is more comprehensive than the one from two years ago because it contains and address more variables that are affecting search marketing today — which is becoming more complicated each month — rather than merely lists the “top 25 search-ranking-factors” (positive and negative) based on the percentage of voters who agree. This analysis will take more time to read, process, digest, and use — but it is definitely a worthwhile contribution to the SEO community by SEO-software company SEOmoz.

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Written by Samuel Scott, the publisher of .