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SEOmoz Announces Social-Media Analytics

SEOmoz will soon launch a social-media analytics platform inside its application, first with Facebook and Twitter and then possibly with LinkedIn and Google Plus. At the moment, the company is looking for beta testers beginning in early October before it is released to the general public.

At the beginning, the tool will track the growth of users’ Facebook pages and Twitter accounts; website traffic coming from Facebook and Twitter though an interface that connects with Google Analytics; metrics including followers, retweets, replies, fans, “likes,” and mentions; and comparisons against selected competitor social-media accounts.

SEOmoz has released the following screenshots (though the company wants people to know that the images are not finalized and do not show all the features that will be present in the beta testing or in any final version):

seomoz social media analytics


seomoz social media analytics

seomoz social media analytics

SEOmoz states that the company hopes to release the platform to the general public in November while making continuous improvements based on user feedback.

More information on SEOmoz is available at the company’s website and our SEO-software reviews page. Written by Samuel Scott, the publisher of .