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December 20th, 2010

Gmail now allows users to access, read, and send e-mail on behalf of primary users (with their permission, of course). The innovation can let employees, managers, and assistants use a single company or executive’s e-mail account. In an era of cloud computing, many Internet marketers use an outsourcer, SEO consultant, or virtual team for their websites. Now, it will be even easier for people to collaborate. I would recommend that executives designate a person to review all incoming mail and use Gmail’s labels and icons to mark each message as meant for sales, marketing, and so on — and then each department or individual can respond to those e-mails that are relevant to him.

Google’s search-results now display whether a website has been hacked or otherwise compromised. It will now be important for SEO professionals and online marketers to ensure that their sites are as secure as possible sine the extensive work required to make it to the first-page of Google will count for nothing if potential visitors see that the site is dangerous. SEO-software companies will also need to incorporate security checks, if they have not done so already. (via Search-Engine Land)

Market Motive and Search-Engine Journal are sponsoring a Master Certification in all aspects of online marketing. I completed the Inbound Marketing Certification at Inbound Marketing University, and I highly recommend it. I’ll be curious to check out the new program in the future.

Google and Bing have created new backlink-reports for webmasters. Inbound links are one of the most-important aspects of SEM because each outside link to a website is a vote for the site’s “authority.” And Google, if not all search engines, rank websites for their targeted keywords in order of their authority (as well as other factors). (via Search-Engine Land)

After my previous post on the science of blogging on Blogspot blogs, I just found that Hubspot offers additional advice on how e-commerce companies specifically can blog effectively. It’s worth checking out.