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Not all SEO programs are created equal. Different ones focus on keyword research, e-mail newsletter software, PPC tools, or social-media software. Choosing the best SEO software depends on the specific needs of your website and business. The most-popular — or even the cheapest or most-expensive — software might not be the one that will take your online presence to the next digital-level. With this in mind, My SEO Software aims to provide information and reviews on various SEO-software programs. (If you do not use Windows, feel free to see our SEO Software for Mac page.)

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seo software reviews, seo program, sem software, seo software review, best seo software reviewsSEO MOZ says it is the worldwide leader in SEO analysis, tools, and software. (But, of course, everyone says the same.) The company’s software specializes in running campaign-based programs that allow individuals and companies to follow SERP rankings, competitor actions, and a site’s content strategy while crawling target sites weekly, discovering SEO problems, and suggesting methods to solve them.

SEO MOZ says that it has built SEO tools that aim to help people to research backlinks, know what competitors are doing, and gauge a site’s authoritativeness. Users can also access SEOMOZ Labs, which is a testing facility for new SEO innovations. It has a database of questions and action-items that the company says is the best available. Namely, expert teams of experts will answer inquires withing a few days — and registered users can read all prior inquires.

SEO MOZ also provides bi-monthly webinars on topics like link-building, which is crucial to SEM performance, as well as frequent site-audits to help participating professionals and consultants. The firm prides itself — rightly or wrongly — on providing information on best-practices as well as resources to help SEO novices grow. SEO MOZ’s API feature also lets users into its Linkscape index to build their own SEO tools. The company also offers a thirty-day guarantee.

Resources and more information: Details on SEO MOZ are available here. There is a 30-day free trial.

seo software reviews, seo program, sem software, seo software review, best seo software reviewsRaven Internet Marketing Tools

Raven Tools bills itself as the SEO-software company that focuses on simplifying and organizing online-marketing research into useful action-items for Internet marketers. Essentially, the company says it offers a way to organize and optimize keywords, links, content, and contacts into one simple interface from which all optimization can proceed simply and flawlessly.

After one sets up Raven Tools, the program deciphers and imports ranking, keyword, social media metrics and other data into easy-to-understand charts and graphics. The compamy aims to eliminate the need for tedious reporting in the Excel spreadsheets and CSV files that are often used in Internet marketing by those without SEO software. In addition, Raven allows the ability to produce professional, branded reports to show bosses, coworkers, and clients. The firm offers a 30-day trial of the program.

Resources and more information: Details on Raven’s software is available here.

SEO PowerSuite by Link Assistant

seo software reviews, seo program, sem software, seo software review, best seo software reviewsSEO Powersuite views itself as the professional, industry-standard software for search-engine optimization and related business needs. (Of course, the other SEO-software companies would disagree, but the only person that needs to be satisfied, in the end, is you.) According to the company, here is what separates SEO PowerSuite from the rest of the digital pack:

  • An all-in-one SEO package. Users will never need to use any other SEO-software tool of the myrid that exist throughout the world. This is SEO softwarethat utilizes all aspects of on-page and off-page optimization to gain top results in any of the major or minor search engines.
  • Quick and simple. Users need no special knowledge, prior SEO skills, or technical know-how because SEO Powersuite directs people through every step that is required to gain top rankings in Google.
  • Trustworthy. SEO professionals and website managers have tested SEO Powersuite for years, recommending modifications and changes as the Internet has grown and developed. Top Fortune 500 companies — as well as a multitude of small and sole-proprietor businesses have successfully used SEO Powersuite.
  • Always updated. Search-engine algorithms change all the time, and every change is incorporated into the software’s processes to ensure that users can effectively optimize and promote websites now and far into the future.
  • Linux, Windows, and Mac usability. SEO Powersuite works equally well regardless of which platform a marketer chooses to use.
  • Different licenses and languages. There is the standard, professional license as well as one for larger, enterprise companies. The SEO software also comes in French, German, and Russian.

Resources and more information: SEO Powersuite (English) professional and enterprise license. Editions in French, German, and Russian.

iBusiness Promoter

seo software reviewsThe company boasts that greater than 98% of users will get into the top-ten rankings in Google after using the software and says that anyone will be refunded the purchase price if he is not one of them. And how does the firm make this claim? Here is what they state.

First, users choose keyword and the search engine in which they want a top-ten ranking. Second, IBP does an analysis of your website based on the various SEO ranking factors and then determines a “grade.” Websites with higher “grades” will be more likely to have the top-ten ranking at that moment.

Third, the IBP software makes recommendations as far as what needs to be changed on your website — in clear, straightforward language — and what the changes will involve. Fourth, the changes are made to the website. IBP will then provide another “grade” and make further recommendations. The process repeats and repeats — though the company says it does not take very long — until the grade is reportedly 100%, and (presumably) a top-ten ranking is achieved.

Resources and more information: Here is the site for IBP.

advanced web rankingAdvanced Web Ranking

Advanced Web Ranking queries hundreds of search engines to determine any site’s rankings and measure the success of SEO campaigns in easy-to-read reports consisting of graphs and tabs.

Advanced Web Ranking automatically creates and sends scheduled reports after an update was finished. Updates can be sent to clients effortlessly or saved to a secure online folder for easy viewing.

More information can be found at Advanced Web Ranking’s site here.

seo software reviews, seo program, sem software, seo software review, best seo software reviewsSEO Suite by Apex Pacific

SEO Suite reportedly has at least twenty-five SEO tools to help with the on-page and off-page optimization of personal, business, or client websites to acquire higher positions in the search results of Google, Yahoo!, and/or and Bing. The software consists of the following parts:

  • SEO-planning guides
  • Keyword analysis and site-optimization assistance
  • Submitting to search engines and creating effective sitemaps for various purposes
  • Insights and assistance into link-building and analyzing link-data
  • SERP ranking-and-reporting tools
  • Guides for search-engine optimization project-management and workflow

SEO Suiteclaims to be different from other similar tools since its guides and processes are extremely applicable to any type of SEO project, from personal blogs to multinational companies that have large, complex websites.

Resources and more information: Information on the standard, professional, and corporate editions is available here.

Sheer SEO

Sheer SEO aims to automate search-engine optimization analysis processes by monitoring the countless factors that affect search-engine rankings and making recommendations on results and future changes and actions.

The software was created by Eyal Aldema, who has more then ten years of experience working for companies including Cendant, Avaya, and Veritas and comes with a three-month trial subscription.

Resources and more information: Details on Sheer SEO are here.

Trellian SEO Toolkit

Trellian SEO Toolkit has standard and enterprise versions and contains functionalities including rank checking, meta tag editing, keyword managing and suggesting, link popularity monitoring, sitemap building, domain management, and ROI calculating.

Resources and more information: Details on Trellian’s SEO Toolkit are here.

seo software reviews, seo program, sem software, seo software review, best seo software reviewsSEO Studio by Trend MX

Trend MX says that its optimization strategy is (perhaps deceivingly) easy: Specify the keywords for which one wants high rankings in search engines, and then use the SEO software to achieve those results. The company states that its superior niche is in permanent link-building within organic search-results while helping with services including copywriting, social-media networks, and article marketing as part of an overall online-marketing effort for those who use the software. For its part, Trend MX promises a top-ten ranking in natural, organic search results with a 95% rate of success — with one’s money back if the result is not achieved.

Resources and more information: Details on Trend MX are available here.

seo software reviews, seo program, sem software, seo software review, best seo software reviewsSEO Book

SEO Book aims to become a thought-leader in the SEO-software industry by providing commentary, videos, strategy materials, community message-boards, and additional items in additional to its SEO software to help people to promote their websites, SERP rankings, monetization, and conversion rates.

Countless SEO experts participate in the forums and software development who have thereby helped to increase the optimization of the myriad websites that participate in the community. SEO Book argues that one’s ability to obtain high search-engine rankings depends on the extent of the data to which one has access.

When one joins SEO Book, a webmaster reportedly gains access to:

  • More than one-hundred seminars on keywords, site structure, on-page optimization, inbound links, PPC, and monetization.
  • SEO guides to help SEO from Day One.
  • Videos on a multitude of topics.
  • A series on using auto-responder software.
  • SEM flowcharts that let people learn SEO graphically.
  • Newsletter that let people stay informed monthly on developments in the search industry.

Moreover, SEO Book says that members can cancel anytime if they are not satisfied.

Resources and more information: Details on SEO Book are available here.


seo software reviews, seo program, sem software, seo software review, best seo software reviewsDIYSEO aims to be a step-by-step service that helps to optimize a site at a low price per month. DIYSEO specializes in guiding small businesses in their SEO efforts as accessibly and simply as possible through three levels.

The software first asks questions to determine information about a user’s site while using a keyword mechanism to decide which keywords would be best for the selected site and then suggesting a recommended SEO plan.

Secondly, DIY SEO takes one through simple, easy action-lists that both teach the user and educate him on how to help a site’s rankings in Google. The tasks are divided into parts that include link-building, optimization, local search, and SMM. Third, the site’s performance is gauged through simple reports in a personalized interface. The software monitors one’s progress in the process to optimize the site as quickly as possible. The company also offers a thirty-day guarantee.

Resources and more information: Details on DIY SEO are available here.


seo software reviews, seo program, sem software, seo software review, best seo software reviewsUnlike most SEO-software platforms, SEMRush does not offer extensive amounts of sales text and related pitches that describe why its tools are purportedly better than those of every other SEM company. The company prefers to let their graphics and associated annotations speak for themselves.

So, the questions remain: Is SEMRush only good for those who already know SEO? And if so, does that mean that beginners should rule them out as an SEO-software possibility? That is not for us to decide — we just provide the information.

Resources and more information: Details on SEM Rush are available here.

Web CEO Online

seo software reviews, seo program, sem software, seo software review, best seo software reviewsWeb CEO Online is a platform that is available both through the company’s website and as software that can be installed on an SEO and SEM marketer’s computer. The firm reportedly differentiates itself from the competition through the workflow process that is involved.

First, Web CEO has eight different working plans that focus on different strategies and needs — the user in question selects the one that is best applicable to the goals of his or her specific website. Second, the software creates a so-called “SEO checklist” to optimize and then promote the site within the selected framework. Third, a to-do list tells users how specifically to use the Online Keyword Tool, SEO Analyzer, Search-Engine Submission Service, and Partner Link Checker for the best results within the selected working-plan.

Resources and more information: Details on Web CEO are available here.

authority labsAuthority Labs bills itself as the easiest way to research and track keywords through an interface that lets people merely state the domains and keywords to follow and then does everything else for them. Many platforms tell people how their websites rank for selected keywords, but Authority Labs reportedly tells users specifically whether news, image, or video items are outranking your website through an analysis of what the company deems “universal search” while purportedly tracking millions of keywords each day.

Online-Marketing Education

MarketingProfs University Courses and Pro Membership

MarketingProfs sifts through all the Internet noise to find the people who truly know their stuff and then presents the ideas as practical advice in mediums including newsletters, seminars, articles, and webcasts.

MarketingProfs University offers affordable, comprehensive online training in any part of your marketing mix and includes best practice, new tools and processes, and expert instructors who has been vetted. Students get a Certificate of Completion for each course. All classes are entirely online and recorded as well. Click here for information and use MarketingProfs promo code MYSEOVIP to get a $200 discount on any class.

MarketingProfs’ PRO Membership includes how-to seminars, Take 10 webinars, collections of case studies, SmartTools, and more in addition to the multitude of articles and newsletters that free members receive. Click here for details and use MarketingProfs promo code MYSEOVIP to get $50 off PRO membership.

You can also become a free, basic member here.

seo software reviews, seo program, sem software, seo software review, best seo software reviewsBrad Fallon’s Stompernet SEO Course

Online marketer Brad Fallon claims that his Internet ventures have garnered him $114 million in total revenue from providing both SEO products and know-how. Is he telling the truth, and is his information accurate and ethical? To quote a certain U.S. news organization, we report and you decide.

Fallon states that his two-day seminar on SEO and online marketing will generate at least five clients through SEO-consultant services that get at least $1,000 every month through the application of his Internet-marketing techniques to sites and businesses that already exist rather than starting one from scratch.

Stompernet also states that the firm offers a variety of tools, guidance, and services to online marketers who subscribe to the company’s website including hands-on training, already-successful blueprints, and blunt honesty from experienced experts whether a person’s goal is in e-commerce, information marketing, affiliate marketing or virtually anything else.

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