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authority labsAuthority Labs bills itself as the easiest way to research and track keywords through an interface that lets people merely state the domains and keywords to follow and then does everything else for them. Many platforms tell people how their websites rank for selected keywords, but Authority Labs reportedly tells users specifically whether news, image, or video items are outranking your website through an analysis of what the company deems “universal search” while purportedly tracking millions of keywords each day.

The software also comes with:

  • The ability to grant data access to however many people at your company that you wish without the need to purchase additional licenses or user fees
  • A white-label functionality through which users can incorporate customized corporate-logos, URLs, and e-mails
  • An analysis tool also returns results for local search as well as international search (currently in 35 countries)

Authority Labs treats “one keyword as one keyword,” meaning that data for a given search-term incorporates information from all major search-engines and all countries and localities as desired. In addition, any user anywhere who is granted access to the platform can see and analyze its data — something that is presumably useful for firms that have virtual teams throughout the globe.

Users can add whichever websites they want to track within a text field in the control panel. Ranking information for every keyword is permanently stored in everyone’s account to allow for historical and present-day analysis-comparison. A Domain Groups feature lets people track multiple domains, competitors, and multiple countries.

Information on Authority Labs

For more information, visit Authority Lab’s website. My SEO Software also has additional SEO-software reviews.

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