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Unlike most SEO-software platforms, SEMRush does not offer extensive amounts of sales text and related pitches that describe why its tools are purportedly better than those of every other SEM company. The company prefers to let their graphics and associated annotations speak for themselves. (Is a picture still worth a digital thousand words? Perhaps we will see.)

The difference in strategy is interesting compared to the other software that we have listed in our SEO-software reviews page. While other companies take great lengths to describe how their platforms are useful to — and simple enough for — beginners who are just starting to learn SEO and SEM, this company seems to assume that those interested in its system already know the basics and have either intermediate or advanced levels of knowledge. As such, the information detailed below may not be useful to those who are just starting out in the process of building traffic, achieving high SERPs, and attracting significant, relevant traffic.

So, the questions remain: Is SEMRush only good for those who already know SEO? And if so, does that mean that beginners should rule them out as an SEO-software possibility? That is not for us to decide — we just provide the information.

semrush, sem rush

(Click the graphic to go to the SEMRush website and see a larger version.) Here are the aforementioned annotations as far as how SEO marketers can use SEMRush’s software:

  1. Search function – Enter a domain or keyword, then select the “Search” option while also choosing a database icon.
  2. Select a region and segmented Google-result — Results are provided in the context of targeting a geographic area and specific language
  3. Main menu – Different reports can be saved, analyzed, and reported for any keyword or URL
  4. User menu – Administrative options for the user’s SEMRush account
  5. Language database – Reports for the same terms in various languages can be toggled and accessed through this function
  6. Domain-data report — People can click on the links to generate the desired reports
  7. Extended report – Creates a full report within the Web-based software
  8. Export tool – Creates a report in .xls or .csv format as desired
  9. Help – Learn how to use all of the tools and features
  10. Platform language – the menus themselves can be changed to any of the available languages
  11. The amount of results
  12. Domain trends – Data for numerous domains can be analyzed at once
  13. Common statistic – This provides information on search-engine traffic and the current Google AdWords bid
  14. Change the regional database – see different reports in different languages for a chosen URL

Further Information on SEM Rush

For more information on SEMRush, visit their website or see our SEO-software reviews page.

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