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SEO Book’s training module contains articles, items for SEO analysis for both beginners and experts, introductory videos, and strategy documents that can be stored on your computer or in the software as well as additional resources and techniques for website marketers who want to secure high SERPs, the promotion of viral-driven content, and higher numbers of conversions.

SEO Book includes community forums through which people can learn from countless SEO experts who have all increased the revenues, profits, and functionality of top-tier websites throughout the world — both small, mom-and-pop operations as well as Fortune 500 firms.

  • More than one hundred training lessons introduce novices and professionals to keyword analysis, website structure, on-page optimization, the gaining of quality links, PPC advertising, and the best way to monetize different types of websites
  • Various SEO checklists assist users with their marketing goals from Day One to see results as quickly as possible
  • Special videos that can only be watched by SEO Book members address the entire spectrum of SEM and online-marketing practices to provide knowledge that is both wide and deep
  • SEO Book also provides a 10-day series highlighting that purports to reveal the top-ten SEO strategies in today’s economy and Internet arena
  • For those who learn SEO (or other topics) visually, SEO Book has advanced flowcharts to guide them along the way
  • The company also offers a monthly newsletter that reportedly informs users and subscribers of the latest SEO technologies, changes, and market information to keep their competitors at the digital bay

SEO Book states that its tools and recommendations are based on practice and experience rather than academic theory. The company itself owns many websites and have helped other small ones outrank global competitors in SERPs. Still, those large competitors who do use SEO Book have reportedly gained top rankings (and thereby additional millions in sales revenue) as well.

All businesses ans websites have different advantages and disadvantages in their specific niches, sectors, industries, and markets. SEO Book tools, if the company is to be believed, will help each one to focus on its strengths and positive qualities.

The company states that it does not want to be a cookie-cutter chain like McDonalds within the world of online marketing. SEO Book says that all of its users and customers get individualized service and help even though it is an extremely-popular software provider. The firm’s site is limited to having 1,000 members at most so that all users have access to the best of the best as far as SEO expertise within the forums.

A marketing agency’s retainer, according to SEO Book, can cost $1,000 each and every month. However, the company argues that a subscription to its platform is the equivalent of having dozens of SEO consultants for a small fraction of that cost.

Details Beyond Our SEOBook Review

More information on SEO Book tools is available at our SEO-software reviews page and at the company’s website itself. SEO Book offers 50% off Business.com listings, 35% off a BOTW listing, 15% off domain names from BuyDomain, and the ability to cancel anytime without paying a dime.

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