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raven tools, raventools, seo raven, raven seo tools, raven seo softwareRaven’s collection of SEO and social-media tools incorporate information from several places to help online marketers to decide how exactly to manage their in-house operations or agency clients from a single platform.

SEO Raven tools including Research Assistant and WordTracker use information from Google Adwords, SEMrush, and SEOmoz while researching keywords and competitors. Backlink Explorer and Site Finder use places like Majestic SEO and Open Site Explorer to track overall traffic as well as the SERP rankings of websites. Link Manager is the software’s central system for directing all facets of link-building campaigns. The platform is purportedly easily incorporated into Google Analytics.

The company states that its entire system saves users time by removing the need to create and examine countless spreadsheets in Excel. In addition, an entire SEO or SEM marketing department can work with Raven’s information at the same time, and different users can have different levels of access privileges. In the same manner, those with administrator access can establish a Profile for each client, group of clients, workflow process, or any other variable. Clients can also be given read-only access to the accounts.

SEO Raven Tools’ Benefits to Agencies

More-Efficient Workflow: A single, central location for everything greatly improves productivity

Administrative Control: Each member of a department — say, a keyword researcher, link builder, or on-page optimizer — can be given access only to the items he or she needs. Individual progress can be judged, and those with Agency accounts can set price limits to remain within any specified budgets.

White-Labeling for Branding: Everything from the domain used to access information to printed-out reports can be labeled with your firm’s branding.

Customer Support: Raven states that all users can access the website’s Knowledge Base for instructions, that the firm’s customer-support team is available, and all of the free training materials.

Software Integration: Raven can incorporate information and messages from Basecamp, Campaign Monitor, MailChimp, Textbroker, and KnowEm inside the system.

SEO Raven Tools’ Benefits to In-House Marketers

Greater Efficiency: Information in real time from the places that you are likely already using, allowing for quicker research, instant reporting, and less time spent on the tedium of small details.

Outside access as needed: Any hired agency or consultant who is working on an individual aspect of an online-marketing plan can receive access to a user’s Raven account (and limited to a certain area, as needed) so in-house staff can measure and track their work.

Easy reporting: The platform quickly produces professional, branded reports that can be given to upper management and clients. The available reports can be e-mailed on a set basis to create more efficiency.

And additional features as described earlier.

Using Social Media with Raven Tools

Most people that do not use professional SEO software must track social-media marketing performance with multiple — if not dozens — of free tools that are all time-consuming to incorporate. However, Raven states that its software incorporates all of them into analytics that make reporting and analyzing far easier.

In Raven, users can write, engage and view data for any Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube account in a single platform. It allows for easy analysis of social-media ROI that can then be reported to upper-management or clients in terms of increased website or conversion-page traffic. Simple graphs allow for the analysis of which type of content — and at what time and date — drives traffic most effectively.

Details on SEO Raven Tools

Raven’s website is here. The firm offers a 30-day trial of the program. We have additional SEO-software reviews as well.

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