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SEO Studio by Trend MX

seo studio trend mx reviewSEO Studio by Trend MX

Trend MX says that its optimization strategy is (perhaps deceivingly) easy: Specify the keywords for which one wants high rankings in search engines, and then use the SEO software to achieve those results. The company states that its superior niche is in permanent link-building within organic search-results while helping with services including copywriting, social-media networks, and article marketing as part of an overall online-marketing effort for those who use the software. For its part, Trend MX promises a top-ten ranking in natural, organic search results with a 95% rate of success — with one’s money back if the result is not achieved.

Here is a list of the features of the software:

  • Link Analysis — See how the competition has gotten high rankings by revealing their inbound link and analyze anchor text
  • Search-Engine Submission — Submits your website to all major engines
  • Keyword Analysis — Optimize for keyword density and prominence without risking a penalty for overoptimization and extract keywords from other websites for research
  • SERP Reporting — Detailed reports on your website and those of the competition
  • Top 10 Ranking Spy — Compare your website with the competition on how keywords are being used
  • Task Scheduler — Save yourself time by automating tasks as you wish so you have more time to focus on more-important tasks

Resources and more information: Details on Trend MX are available here.