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SEO Suite by Apex Pacific contains more than twenty-five items to help SEM experts to increase their search-engine rankings including Web Site Optimizer, Search Engine Submitter, Link Building Tools and Reporting Tools. The Corporate Edition is marketed to those who offer SEO-consultant services, and the Standard and Professional Editions are geared to companies ranging from small to large in size.

SEO Suite contains an interface that is geared towards Windows XP and is reportedly simple to use through an intuitive process that guides people through all of the steps involved in on-page optimization. In addition:

  • A keyword database lets users create and change a library of short-tail and long-tail search terms for their personal sites or those of clients
  • Additional tools will recommend various methods to help a site’s position in the major search engines and create easy-to-follow reports to guide people through that process
  • A Meta-Tag Generator will supply various related keywords for the on-page SEO process
  • A Doorway Page generator will create this type of page to secure high rankings for its targeted keyword
  • A URL verification will check all existing URLs for bad links and whether all parts of a website are functioning
  • A search-engine submission button will submit sites to all of the major search engines (although proper SEO, in our opinion, will achieve this automatically anyway)
  • The Froogle Submitter lets users manage the products that they have listed in Google’s shopping website
  • The Link Popularity Checker reportedly tracks the awareness of a site throughout the overall Internet as well as the amount of backlinks and the quality of the internal link-structure
  • The Article Submitter allows people to submit content — quality content, we hope — to various sites
  • The Link Directory Creator lets users to manage lists of online directories to which they want to submit links

seo suite, seo suite review, apex pacific, seo suite corporate

SEO Suite by Apex Pacific also includes various optimization reports, submission reports, keyword-ranking reports, and site-statistic reports that are based on real-time data twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Details on SEO Suite by Apex Pacific

For more information, visit the company’s website as well as our SEO-software reviews page.

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