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seomoz, seomoz pro, seomoz toolSEOmoz markets itself as the leader in SEO software and throughout search-engine optimization market through its features, webinars, and various related platforms.

SEOmoz aims to ease the burdens faced by in-house SEO marketers and SEM firms with many different clients by making their jobs more efficient by organizing their analyses and assisting them with the prioritizing and creation of task-lists, optimization strategies, and change-tracking through SERP rankings, the identification of errors, and potential problems.

One important consideration is the need to analyze the competition’s targeted keywords, backlinks, and social-media strategies. People who use SEOmoz can use the company’s metrics that help with research into backlinks and how competitors within any industry or sector are performing.

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The Best Way to Optimize

SEO is complicated because there are so many items — large and small — to track and optimize. SEOmoz states that the company’s tool lets users view websites as search engines like Google see them and then lets them know of anything that needs to be rectified or fixed. An Internet-based application offers ideas on how webmasters and marketers can improve these items.

Recognized SEO Expertise

SEOmoz has been one of the companies with the most experience in SEO and SEM — both for its clients and themselves. Through its forums, blogs and articles, the firm has always had access to the world’s top online-marketers, who then offer quick and thorough advice on the best search-engine optimization techniques.

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A Love of SEO

SEOmoz states that they are not only experts in marketing; the company is also knowledgeable about web-development (unlike many SEOs) — so the firm claims that they have engineers and scientists working on its SEO software as well. SEOmoz says that they combine the best of marketing with the best of “geekdom.”

seomoz.org, www.seomoz.org, seomoz pro, seomoz tool, seomoz tools

Constant Analysis

SEOmoz’s web application crawls users’ sites each week and then informs them about any potential issue that may affect website performance and search-engine rankings. The platform also checks the rankings for any specified set of keywords.

Website Suggestions

The platform also provides recommendations for each page on a specified website that users can review to implement any needed changes to improve rankings and results further.

Reviews of the Competition

SEOmoz allows people to check the competition’s rankings and backlink-metrics.

Always Improving

SEOmoz states that its interface is always improving each month based on feedback from users and their internal experts.

Details on the SEOmoz Pro Tool

Resources and more information: Details on SEO MOZ — including its thirty-day guarantee — are available here. We also have more information on our SEO-software reviews page.

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