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Web CEO Online is a platform that is available both through the company’s website and as software that can be installed on an SEO and SEM marketer’s computer. The firm reportedly differentiates itself from the competition through the workflow process that is involved.

First, Web CEO has eight different working plans that focus on different strategies and needs — the user in question selects the one that is best applicable to the goals of his or her specific website. Second, the software creates a so-called “SEO checklist” to optimize and then promote the site within the selected framework. Third, a to-do list tells users how specifically to use the Online Keyword Tool, SEO Analyzer, Search-Engine Submission Service, and Partner Link Checker for the best results within the selected working-plan.

As far as general operations, WebCEO Online uses an SEO Dashboard that presents the overall data for a given website (or websites) for items including SERPs, inbound links, traffic levels, and social-media prominence. In addition, a site-performance tool will suggestion further actions including:

  1. The evaluation of a site’s performance and usability
  2. The tracking of mentions in social networks like Facebook and Twitter
  3. The creation of an action plan to improve results
  4. The status of the mentioned plan
  5. The measuring of overall results in line with the plan

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WebCEO’s Online Dashboard contains various sections that can be used in analysis including an SEO Checklist, Buzz Tracker, and Broken Link Checker to inform users of how many tasks need to be completed, how many mentions of a website or brand are occurring online, and the number of website errors that need to be fixed.

The aforementioned working plans categorize tasks based on the specific site through methods including Site Promotion, Advanced SEO, Local SEO, Linkbaiting Techniques, Blog Promotion, Social Networking, Microblogging Checklist, and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. In addition, the plans are purportedly always updated to provide the best strategies that marketers can use within the context of the latest technologies and changes. Specifically, the SEO software contains the following:

  • A Keyword Tool that suggests the best terms for a particular niche using Google’s API
  • An Optimization Tool that reviews a site’s source code and makes recommendations for changes
  • A Submission Tool that submits websites to more than two hundred search engines, directories, and communities both automatically and manually


  • A Web Analytics Reporter creates charts and graphs of various metrics to provide useful analyses of data
  • The Online Rank Checker checks SERPs safely and accurately by not researching the rankings from one’s own computer
  • The Backlink Checker Tool examines the quantity and quality of backlinks

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