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Each company that produces social-media marketing software is different because a particular platform may focus on different items. The one used by the most people — or even those that are the most cheap or most pricey — may not be the particular system that will improve your SMM efforts on behalf of yourself or of your clients. As a result, My SEO Software givens information and reviews on many of the different types.

If you are a company whose software is not listed and reviewed, feel free to contact us at sjscworldwide (at) gmail.com. (This page is under construction.)

Social-Media Software Reviews

social media software, smm software, social-media marketing softwareHootsuite Dashboard

HootSuite is a social-media marketing (SMM) tool that helps marketers, companies, and organizations to manage their (or those of their clients) numerous accounts on platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn simultaneously. Now, I must state that I use Hootsuite for my SEO-consultant services myself, so I admit that I am biased. Still, my aim here is to provide information so that readers can make their own decisions. (Former journalist, and all.)

HootSuite’s dashboard allows individuals or marketing teams to schedule current and future social-media posts through the company’s website, their own computers, or even mobile-based applications. Hootsuite also has its own social-media certification to add to your resume.

social media software, smm software, social-media marketing softwareSendible

Sendible calls itself a social-media software platform that lets individuals, marketers, and companies connect with customers, quantify results, and measure throughout all the major social-media networks simultaneously.

Target your Demographic on any Network. Connect with prospects and leads through social networks as well as text messages and e-mail messaging on countless social media at the same time. Sendible gathers messages, posts, and comments from all of the major sites to allow marketers to respond from a single platform and interface. All messages are diagnosed — and highlighted when necessary — to let users know which ones necessitate immediate action.

social-media software, social-media marketing software, smm softwareSocial Oomph

Social Oomph is social-media software that lets users of both its free and professional versions to perform actions including the scheduling of tweets, the tracking of keywords, and the shortening of URLs.

For $3.97 per month, social-media marketers can use auto-follow, auto-direct message, and criteria new follows on a semi-automatic basis. However, the professional features are extra while a free seven-day trial is included. Payment is per-month without contracts.

More information: Hootsuite Dashboard | Sendible | Social Oomph

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