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Hootsuite Dashboard

HootSuite is a social-media marketing (SMM) tool that helps marketers, companies, and organizations to manage their (or those of their clients) numerous accounts on platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn simultaneously. Now, I must state that I use Hootsuite for my SEO-consultant services myself, so I admit that I am biased. Still, my aim here is to provide information so that readers can make their own decisions. (Former journalist, and all.)

HootSuite’s dashboard allows individuals or marketing teams to schedule current and future social-media posts through the company’s website, their own computers, or even mobile-based applications.

  • Users can check and post to all needed networks by viewing feeds and data in an interface that can be set as based on the network or the client (see existing data based on all Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn accounts or based in part on all accounts of client X):

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  • Individualized reports based on more than thirty report-type modules can be created for managers, clients, and colleagues that will monitor branding, the growth of “friends” and “followers” as well as examine Facebook Insights and Google Analytics in a single place
  • The Pro and Enterprise plans allow for various contributors to work on the needed accounts without needing to share passwords and other sensitive information. Individual posts can be selected for staffers to follow-up and track responses as neededhootsuite, hootsuite dashboard, hootsuite download
  • Messages to Facebook, Twitter, and more can be scheduled to be send to the networks at a targeted time. For example, if the targeted demographic tends to check Twitter at 8 a.m. EST, then a client’s tweets can be scheduled to be sent at that exact time
  • Any designated Hootsuite Dashboard user (say, a client as well as team members or managers at your company) can view the application’s reports and receive scheduled reports at designated intervals
  • Customizable search-streams can be created to monitor all mentions of a particular brand, company, keyword, or competitor — if your company makes “widgets,” then this is a way to see all mentions of “widgets” throughout social media
  • Marketing companies can create lists — whether public or private — to monitor their followers and respond as necessary (as compared to actual followers versus spam bots)
  • Attached files — photos, news links, or anything, can be automatically shortened to an ow.ly link within messages

Details on Hootsuite Dashboard

For more information, visit Hootsuite Dashboard’s website to learn more about the firm’s various free and paid programs for the software. More reviews of social-media software are available here as well. You can also enroll in their social-media certification course.

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