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sendibleSendible calls itself a social-media software platform that lets individuals, marketers, and companies connect with customers, quantify results, and measure throughout all the major social-media networks simultaneously.

Target your Demographic on any Network. Connect with prospects and leads through social networks as well as text messages and e-mail messaging on countless social media at the same time. Sendible gathers messages, posts, and comments from all of the major sites to allow marketers to respond from a single platform and interface. All messages are diagnosed — and highlighted when necessary — to let users know which ones necessitate immediate action.

Strong Analytics Mechanisms. Users can evaluate the quality of any and all social-networking and e-mail tactics and strategies. Sendible’s data-heavy reports inform people — and their clients — whether the current and ongoing marketing efforts are successful or whether they need to be changed.

Brand and Sentiment Evaluation. What do you think your targets are writing and saying online about your brand, product, or service? Sendible purports to save people time by informing them about which comments can be left alone and which others need quick responses. If you are faced with 1,000 mentions every day, it is impossible to research, evaluate, and respond to all of them.


Foster Leads and Brand Awareness. The platform’s automated marketing-platform lets users create leads and attract prospects to a website with minimal additional work.

Message Scheduling and Automatic Responses. Internet-marketing campaigns can be created and executed in seconds, and automated messages can be set in advance for birthdays, vacations, and other times at which the marketer is away from the computer.

Multiple Users and Clients Functionality. Marketers can have personal, white-labeled branding to resell analysis, work, and reports for their clients. Sensible can create and manage multiple accounts for various clients and contributors.

Evaluate every type of social-media content. If you need to justify any or all posts, tweets, and blog posts to management, Sendible states that it can analyze the marketing effectiveness of a campaign down to individual items by tracking everything.

Details on Sendible

More information about Sendible is at the company’s website. More information on social-media software in general can be found at that page at My SEO Software.

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