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social oomphSocial Oomph is social-media software that lets users of both its free and professional versions to perform actions including the scheduling of tweets, the tracking of keywords, and the shortening of URLs.

For $3.97 per month, social-media marketers can use auto-follow, auto-direct message, and criteria new follows on a semi-automatic basis. However, the professional features are extra while a free seven-day trial is included. Payment is per-month without contracts.

For $30 per month, the professional form of the software allows people to:

  • Schedule Facebook status-updates and wall posts
  • Submit social-media updates via e-mail
  • Integrate blog activity with social-media updates
  • Find people to friend and follow through keyword research, profile filtering, and similar methods
  • Determine which potential people to follow would be the most valuable for a given purpose
  • Manage different accounts for different clients and profiles
  • Grant different staff members different levels of access and usage
  • Schedule replies, direct messages, automatic bot-responders,

Details on Social Oomph

For more information, visit Social Oomph’s website to learn more about the firm’s various free and paid programs for the software. More reviews of social-media software are available here as well.

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