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SEO Software

SEO PowerSuite by Link Assistant

  • Mac and PC compatible
  • Very popular worldwide
  • In multiple languages
  • 30-day guarantee


Raven Internet Marketing Tools

  • Mac and PC compatible
  • Website-based
  • Used by many top companies
  • Includes social media
  • Free trial


  • Mac and PC compatible
  • Famous brand
  • 30-day free trial
  • Great community & content
  • Website-based

SEO Studio by Trend MX

  • Focuses on niche linkbuilding
  • Top 10 rank guaranteed
  • Helps with content
  • Works with social media


SEO Suite by Apex Pacific

  • SEO planning guides
  • Longtail keyword database
  • Doorway Page creator

SEO Book

  • Mac and PC compatible
  • Well-known creator
  • Videos & strategy documents
  • Checklists & flowcharts


  • Mac and PC compatible
  • Specializes in small business
  • SEO Grader
  • Website-based


  • Mac and PC compatible
  • Website-based
  • Superior keyword tool
  • Incorporates PPC as well

Web CEO Online

  • Mac and PC compatible
  • Creates actionable plans
  • Helps with content marketing
  • Keyword research

Sheer SEO

  • Site analysis of SEO factors
  • Follow keywords
  • Link analysis

iBusiness Promoter

  • Guaranteed Top 10 ranking
  • Comes with marketing e-book
  • Free demo version

Advanced Web Ranking

  • Automatic reports
  • Sends to you and clients
  • Analyze competitors

Authority Labs

  • Website-based
  • Track keywords
  • Universal search data

Web-Analytics Software

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  • Advanced analysis
  • Good for large and enterprise sites
  • Conversion analytics
  • Funnel optimization

Deep Log Analyzer by Deep Software

  • More website user data
  • Creates scripts for ongoing needs
  • Analyzes SEO information
  • Mac and PC compatible

Nihuo Web-Log Analyzer

  • Mac and PC compatible
  • Analyzes traffic logs
  • Many languages
  • Keyword analysis


  • 30 Day trial period
  • Five minutes to install
  • Provides extensive user data


  • Visual heatmaps
  • Split testing
  • Enterprise data for smaller sites

Web Hosts

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WP Engine

  • Best for WordPress sites
  • Expert support
  • Evercache technology
  • Special plug-ins and themes


  • E-mail, script, and media hosting
  • Free and permanent domain registration
  • Advanced features for developers
  • Easy Control Panel


  • Cloud-based web host
  • Cloud servers with a private clouds
  • OpenStack® cloud running in data center


  • Unlimited hosting for sites and apps
  • Virtual private servers (VPS hosting)
  • PHP4, PHP5, Apache, RoR, PCI, and Linux compatible


  • Dedicated servers
  • Reseller and VPS hosting
  • 6x faster on average

Blue Host

  • Cheap host for new sites
  • Occasional downtime
  • 24/7 customer service