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SEO and SEM: Electronics-Industry Tips

April 20th, 2011 · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

sem electronicsJERUSALEM — Here in the Silicon Valley of the Middle East, I once attended a networking event at which representatives of Israeli SEO companies gave brief presentations to local businessmen on various online-marketing topics. The speaker on keyword research made an excellent point that is worth remembering for people interested in how to do SEM for electronics companies:
The more specific the search, the more likely that a person is looking to buy.
Here is what the speaker meant. A person looking for general information on “digital cameras”… Continue reading

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Search-Engine Optimization URL Tips for Writers

December 22nd, 2010 · No Comments · Uncategorized

search-engine optimization urlAs much as it pains this former journalist to write this, newspapers are continuing to decline:
Online advertising spending in the United States will overtake spending on newspaper ads this year for the first time, digital research firm eMarketer said Monday.

EMarketer estimated that online ad spending will grow 13.9 percent in 2010 to 25.8 billion dollars while spending on print newspaper ads will drop 8.2 percent to 22.78 billion dollars.

Including Internet ads, print and online newspaper advertising revenue will hit… Continue reading

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Today’s SEO and Online-Marketing News

December 21st, 2010 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Google unveiled the Ngram Viewer. The feature allows people to search for the rate of appearance of specific terms throughout the search-engine giant’s database of 15 million books stretching back (at least in English-language literature) to 1750.

As a former journalist, professional blogger, and SEO consultant, I am always excited to learn about new opportunities for keyword research. For example, those with experiencing using Google Adwords can examine, among other trends, which keywords are searched at which times of year. If a website aims to sell World Series tickets, the company would want to make… Continue reading

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Groupon Software: Why Google Wanted It

December 15th, 2010 · No Comments · Uncategorized

groupon softwareWhy did Google think Goupon was worth $6 billion? That was a question a friend of mine — a Boston University and Harvard graduate in business — posed on his Facebook page once the news of the offer broke.

Here’s the value: The data.

As Search Engine Journal notes (in perhaps-frightening detail), Google’s main purpose is to collect your consumer data. Every thing that you do on any Google platform — Gmail for personal e-mail, Google Documents for work, the Android… Continue reading

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