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ClickTale is advanced, enterprise-level web-analytics software for B2B and B2C companies that focus on conversions — leads and sales — in a more-detailed way than is offered by Google Analytics and other free platforms. Features include visitor recordings, mouse-move heatmaps, conversion-funnel analysis, form analytics, and real-time monitoring.

For more information, see ClickTale’s website here.

seo software reviews, seo program, sem software, seo software review, best seo software reviewsDeep Log Analyzer by Deep Software

Deep Log Analyzer is web-analytics system geared specifically for small and medium websites that want to research the behavior and usage of visitors and traffic in general in areas including referring sites, search queries, navigational patterns, and exit points to determine how companies and individuals can be converted more often. The platform also analyzes search-engine spiders, the types of browsers that people use, error logs, and how traffic statistics change over different periods of time.

The software is customizable in that it can provide reports that are tailored as desired by webmasters and can include data from sales and CRM databases. Deep Log Analyzer by Deep Software stores the information in a Microsoft Access database so that other software platforms can import the data.

seo software reviews, seo program, sem software, seo software review, best seo software reviewsNihuo Web-Log Analyzer

Nihuo Web-Log Analyzer bills itself as a Web-access log analyzer for the websites of persons, blogs, and companies large and small. The platform tell from where traffic came, what website pages are highly trafficked, and what keywords delivered the traffic to turn online properties into “sales machines.”

The software analyzes the online logs generated by Apache, IIS, Ngnix, and lighttpd servers as well as GZIP, BZIP, ZIP, and ZIP64 compressed-log files. The resulting reports and analyses can be customized and tailored as needed.

seo software reviews, seo program, sem software, seo software review, best seo software reviewsWeb-Stat

Every time that a person visits your website, Web-Stat says that it will also see them — and everything about them. (Well, within reason, we presume.) Their locations, what website pages they see, the length of time that they are on the site, and so on. And all that the company says it takes is the addition of a few lines of code to be added to your website.


 Clicky states that it provides the same extensive data that enterprise companies have access but presents it in a user-friendly way that makes it easier for individuals and businesses to understand. In addition, the software provides a visual heatmap to know what aspects of a page are garnering the most attention as well as video analytics, split testing for conversions, and an API that extracts data and makes it easy to integrate, analyze, or store the information.

More information is at Clicky’s website here.