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SEO writing – LSI keyword, header tag, alt tag, anchor text, readability

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LSI (Latent Semantic Index) keywords are keywords that are sufficiently related to the word.
For example, the LSI keyword of the keyword diet might be weight, exercise, weight loss, weight loss, salad, fat, etc. The reason you need to mix these related keywords is that Google SEO마케팅 업체 토모다찌 sometimes understand the topic of the article by looking at these LSI keywords. Of course, it’s good to add enough after that if possible. It is important to put it naturally in accordance with the context. also, please include this LSI keyword appropriately in the title, alt tag, anchor text, and h1 tag. When you are worried about the penalty due to keyword stumping (repeating the same keyword), you can also try it usefully by replacing the main keyword with the LSI keyword.

As shown above, a tag used as a subhead in the content is called a header tag. h1, h2, h3, h4, h5… Larger numbers mean smaller headings. When search engines determine the content of the page, they mainly refer to the header tag. In particular, the h1 tag is the highest level tag in structure, so you should put keywords that are most relevant to the content of the web page. In addition, if you use header tags appropriately to categorize articles into sub-topics, you can improve readability.


Off-page SEO is a backlink operation. In the PBN you create, you’re linking money sites through anchor text, but first, you need to be good at on-page SEO on websites that hang backlinks. (DMCL)
Backlinking tips and precautions
A lot of mistakes when working with SEO mean that over-optimization, over-optimization, or optimization too much, means that Google has done SEO work too much to look at.
For example, if I refer to the keyword “study café” too many times on the website for google’s top exposure, or if I backlink from PBN too many times to an anchor text called “study café”.
consultation. Use the LSI keyword. The LSI keyword is the word that is reduced to the Latin Semantic indexing keyword, which refers to the relevant words used by search engines to understand the content.
Instead of just mentioning target keywords, we recommend that you mention related keywords naturally and link building on LSI keywords.

Rank Brain

Rankbrain is an algorithm applied with artificial intelligence among Google’s search engine algorithms.
It is good to know the characteristics of this rank brain.

  • The point is that it accurately grasps the intention of the searcher and shows the search results by looking at only related words (LSI keywords), and the point is that the search results are rearranged according to the searcher’s behavior.
    The searcher’s behavior means that if the user clicks on the first post and leaves without reading the article properly, then clicks on the second ranked article and reads it for a long time, that is, if they are satisfied with the article, they can read the article more. Google value it and raise it to a higher rank. We will also take a detailed look at how to strategically do SEO마케팅 업체 for this rank brain.

In the early days, the whole thing could generally be explained by having an understanding of what’s called Latent Semantic Indexing or LSI. As the years went on, Google got better and better at this and ultimately we can’t even call what they are doing LSI anymore. It has its heritage there, but it’s so much more.

What is Original High-Quality Content?

Google has all sorts of patents dealing with determining quality factors. We haven’t seen much in terms of what “High-Quality Content” means, though. As we saw in Lily Ray’s article (link at the start of this post), Google has started to give us an idea of how that’s accomplished (and how humans can verify if it’s happening properly). There are two big factors here:

Quality Rater GuidelinesAccuracy: According to the guidelines, things should go along with “expert consensus where appropriate” and it should cite the primary sources used for research.
Originality: Though here the guidelines are primarily talking about news sites, I’ve been saying for a while that it’s important to say something new across all areas. If you’re just spinning the same content with new words but essentially saying the same thing as another site, then what makes your page better than the source?
At first glance, this may seem a bit self-contradictory (especially in a YMYL scenario). You can’t make claims that aren’t generally accepted, but you have to say something no one else has said before. How can those fit together for SEO마케팅 업체?