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me2My SEO Software is a personal website created by Samuel Scott, a veteran Internet marketer with years of experience in blogging, communications, building websites, search-engine optimization, social-media marketing, and pay-per-click advertising in agency, consultant, and start-up capacities.

His goal here is to provide a one-stop resource for anyone looking to find, research, and use Internet-marketing software and tools including web hosts, web development, SEO, social media, affiliate software, e-mail marketing, CRM, and more.

Scott is currently Director of Digital Marketing & Communications for The Cline Group, a holistic-marketing and PR agency with offices in the United States, Israel, and Italy. His personal thoughts on online marketing are on The Cline Group’s blog and the website of his inactive consultancy SJS Consulting Worldwide.

In Scott’s former career, he was a former Boston journalist and newspaper editor. He lives in Tel Aviv, Israel, while completing the rest of his International M.B.A. part-time on the side. His other websites include his personal one with a blog on journalism and current events and Buffy the Vampire Slayer Online, which is devoted to his favorite TV show.

Years ago in Boston, Scott was Editor-in-Chief and Executive Director of Spare Change News, an alternative newspaper and non-profit organization. Prior to working at SCN, he wrote for Massachusetts newspapers including The Boston Globe, The Patriot Ledger, The Boston Courant, and The Beacon Hill Times, as well as TNT magazine in London. Prior to working in journalism, he was a Staff Assistant at the Beacon Hill Institute, an economic think-tank at Suffolk University.

Scott has a B.S. in journalism from Boston University and is studying in the International M.B.A. program at Bar-Ilan University after having pursued prior studies in the Executive M.B.A. program at Suffolk University in Boston, Massachusetts. He has lived, traveled, or studied in Britain, Canada, Egypt, India, and Israel as well as in various parts of the United States. Scott was born in St. Louis, Missouri, and raised in Belleville, Illinois, before moving to Boston, Massachusetts. His native language is English, and he is proficient in Hebrew in addition to still remembering a bit of French from high school and college.

Scott has also been quoted or cited by The New York Times, the Boston Herald, The Boston Phoenix, Ha’aretz, Search Engine Land, The Harvard Crimson, Cornell University, The Cornell Review, and Penelope Trunk. He is also speaking at Search Marketing Expo (SMX) in Milan, Italy, in November 2013.

Scott’s contact information and personal social-media profiles — in contrast to those of his various websites — are listed on the About page. He encourages you to follow him!

What is SEO?

SEO has always received a lot of bad press by people who do not understand the practice. It is not about spam. It is not about fake backlinks. It is not about tricking Google. It is not a quick, short-term way to get rich. It is a way to help search engines to crawl, index, and rank your website in appropriate topics fully, completely, and accurately.

Here is a short video from Search Engine Land that will help people who want to learn more about SEO: